Collaboration Grants

A Blessing to One Another is offering grants to incentivize interfaith collaboration on community engagement projects. There are two types of grants available:

  1. Youth Grants for groups from middle school through young professional up to $500
  2. Institutional Grants for established faith communities up to $1,000

Criteria for the Grant:

  1. Any type of Community Engagement Project will be considered
  2. The project must involve participants from more than one faith community.
    1. Highest priority will be given to projects that involve participants from different faith traditions such as Christian/Jewish; Christian/Muslim; Catholic/Protestant, etc.
    2. We will also consider groups composed of two or more faith communities within a tradition: two or more Catholic parishes, two or more Protestant churches, two or more Jewish Synagogues, etc.

Application Process: Submit proposal via email to

  1. A brief description of the project which should include:
    1. Specific details of the project
    2. Dates for the projects implementation – its beginning, duration and end
    3. Objectives for the project and how those will be assessed
  2. A budget for the project which should include:
    1. Overall projected costs of the project
    2. Funding that is currently in place
    3. Amount Requested from the Brueggeman Center

Note: Grants for projects that A Blessing to One Another is the sole funder will be considered but projects that combine the Blessing Grant with other sources of funding will be viewed favorably. If the project costs exceed the Blessing Grant and no current funding is in place, please submit your plan to secure the remainder of the required funding. This can include both direct financial support and in-kind donations or labor.

The Blessing to One Another Grants are contingent on the group being able to demonstrate that the project will be able to be fully funded.


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